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Gloucester Daily Times

Our Town Column (weekly column) Gail Mountain (gmountain@ecnnews.com) Balance power: Work to ‘become the change you want to see.’ Last week, I was tempted out into the cold of the night – twice – to attend two community evens, a book reading and a lecture. First, I heard Greg Gibson speak about his book, “Goneboy: […]

The Washington Rimes – Letters to Editor

America’s Newspaper WESLEY PRUDEN, Editor in chief WILLIAM E. GILES, Managing Editor TOD LINDBERG, Editor of the editorial page PRESTON E. INNERST, Sr. Deputy Managing Editor MARY LOU FORBES, Editor of Commentary WOODY WEST, Associate Editor ARNAUD DE BORCHGRAVE, Editor at Large TED AGRES FRANCIS B. COOMBS JR. Deputy Managing Editors BARBARA TAYLOR JOSEPH W. […]

Rocky Mountain News – Letters

Many people deserve credit for helping pass child accountability act of ’94 Rocky Mount News reported Sue Lindsay has done a wonderfully thorough job describing the difficulties crime victims have in recovering the damages awarded them in civil courts (March 2 article, “Abuse victims found justice in court”). Getting congress to hold perpetrators accountable by […]

Rocky Mountain News – Civil Lawsuits

Sharon Simone and her sister were awarded $2.3 million (with interest) by a Denver jury for sexual abuse committed by their father. It took an act of Congress to garnish their father’s federal pension. Abuse victims found justice in court. Dad’s federal pension open to garnishment after new law in 1994. By Sue Lindsay Rocky […]

The Denver Post – Voice of the Rocky Mountain News

Law lets abuse victims seek redress in pensions By Christopher Lopez Denver Post Staff Writer A former Colorado woman who won a landmark $2.3 million judgment against her abusive father is celebrating a new law allowing her and other victims to collect compensation from their abusers’ federal pensions. An elated Sharon Simone joined U.S. Rep. […]

The Enterprise – Brockton, Massachusetts

For abused, the healing comes from the telling By Amy Blotcher Guerrero Enterprise Staff Writer BROCKTON – Sharon Simone’s father was an FBI agent and a nationally recognized authority on child abuse prevention and intervention. At home, however, he physically abused her three brothers and beat and sexually abused Simone and her three sisters over […]

Four Sisters Confront Dad and the Past

Brennan, P. (1994, March 20). “Four Sisters Confront Dad And The Past”. The Washington Post. At times, “Ultimate Betrayal” (Sunday at 9 on CBS) is not an easy movie to watch. Based on a true story of incest and physical abuse, it follows four adult sisters as they share their memories and decide to sue […]

The Boston Globe

Giving the gift of going public Bella English FOR YEARS, EDWARD RODGERS of Denver was a national specialist on child abuse. A lawyer, FBI agent and former child abuse investigator for the Denver district attorney’s office, he was instrumental in developing incest and child abuse statues. He went on the lecture circuit. he sat on […]