Sharon Rodgers Simone, Ed. M., Harvard University, is a writer, public educator and consultant whose focus is on healing the wounds of violence and promoting peace through media, arts, public speaking and retreats. Headwaters Productions is the home for her work.

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Keynotes, Seminars, Workshops, Panels
Topics and /Themes

A Mother’s Harrowing
Crossings on the Healing Journey
Living Your Destiny
When Mercy Seasons Justice
Images We Carry, Language We Live
Landscapes We Inhabit
Healing the Wounds of Violence

Sharon galvanizes audiences and groups to stretch beyond the limits of what is to include what might be. She inspires hope, vision and novelty of perspective.

Daylong, Two-Day, 3-Day

Explorations of creativity, dreams, obstacles, paths, transitions,
changes that involve individual, social, spiritual dimensions. Individuals and groups may gather a community of people together for these retreats. Sharon will provide the structure, content and process. All retreats are a combination of group process, sharing and interaction around the theme selected by the group gathering. Sharon will present content both through the group process and through didactic presentations interspersed throughout the retreat.